Blog Post Numero Uno. For the last 40 some-odd years, I’ve often wondered how the general public accepted the premise that all calories are equal.  At ten years old, I was on my first diet and that mindset of “thin=health”has plagued my psyche ever since.  Yah, thanks, Society.  Even at ten, I counted calories and never understood how my 1,000 calorie a day diet never ended in a terrific weight loss. Isn’t this just simple math? Did I make an error? Why is society labeling me as slovenly, stupid, fat, or somehow less when all I want to do is fit in…somewhere.  Maybe, if I hide in these too big clothes or become a rebel or cut-up, I’ll find my niche.

I also wonder if this reliance on a number as a measure of performance didn’t start my entire OCD-ness of counting. That seems to me to be a little like the question of “What came first? The chicken or the egg?” Regardless, I truly can’t tell you how many diets, numbers, and health fads I’ve tried all in the gain of the “thin=health” premise.  (As I blog through this process of my rewiring, I’m sure we’ll get to those.)  A diagnosis of insulin resistance, infertility, PCOS, and ulcers in my late 30s had me questioning just what was happening to my body now.  My 40’s included: early menopause, weight loss surgery (Lapband), infertility, high blood pressure, and, finally, in my early 50s, cancer.  Since the insulin resistance diagnosis which was treated with the same old adage of “Make dietary changes!” or “Lose weight” and other totally unhelpful directives, I really didn’t take my health any more seriously than I had in the past.  Chalking up my health trials as a natural aging process, the cancer diagnoses in May 2016 was the proverbial “slap in the face”.   This is not aging.  This is disease…or dis-ease. (We’ll talk about the difference, too.)

My cancer diagnosis came from my doctor who found thyroid cancer while removing a parathyroid tumor in a related area that was found by my dentist!  These two women found what needs to be my catalyst; my jumping off point.  Part of life is finding your purpose, your path.  Some know this instinctively and others find their way…I’m the latter.  Experience has been my greatest teacher and has given me the resilience I need for this new journey…a public one that I embark on, to share what has been a hidden ache for me. This ticking time bomb called cancer went undetected by me for who knows how long.  Do you have any idea how scary that is? How petrified I was?  Well, fear, fuck off.  I’m taking charge and am armed with information and a way to seek the illusive health.   Fear: You’ve just been shot between the eyes like the parasite you are.

My research in cancer, health, and holistic approaches to health have lead me down a confusing and, often, challenging trail.  The medical establishment – or medical profiteers – have failed me by relying on science that has the stench of obvious bias and greed that I am sickened at the thought of how many suffer.  It is through my own research of myself and looking for others like me that I found Gary Taubes and Rob Wolf…we’ll introduce them later (I promise).  Both of these men have challenged current thinking in diet, diseases and treatment and their research and information cannot be denied.

Recall my pre-pubescent dietary challenges?  Oh, my bad.  I neglected to mention that my 1,000 calorie daily intake consisted of my chocolate choice du jour, diet soda, and the various other processed foods.  Yes, as a child of the 60s, the processing was just starting…and the convenience of a T.V. dinner or early fast food was new, exciting, and innovative.  In Rob’s new book, Wired to Eat, he delves into how each of us have different “wiring” and that there is no “one size fits all” approach to health.  Oh, Rob, how I know this to be true.  His book is here: Wired to Eat  I will be reading this and implementing strategies outlined by Rob in my own journey to health.  This blog is very self-serving and is to document my own challenges with the hope that they inspire someone else to take charge, wake up, and join me in good health.